School Curriculum

Preschool (Playschool and Preprimary)

Children are intrroduced to a formal readines programme. A wide variety of creative activities in language development, Mathematics, Music, Art and Physical Education are developed.



 Foundation Phase (Grade 1 to Grade 3)

Children work individually or in small groups developing fundamental skills in academic areas. A lot of emphasis is placed on language development, solving Mathematical problems, learning the Scientific mehtod of inquiry. Artistic and physical development and the development of social skills are also an integral part of the Junior Primary.


Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 to Grade 6)

Pupils develop and refine the basic skills required for further discovery and learning. Each pupil is trained in the academic disciplines and is exposed to a variety of creative and physical activities.


General Education and Training Phase (Grade 7 to Grade 9)

  English First Language


Natural Science


Human and Social Sciences


Life Orientation

Economic and Management Science

Arts and Culture

Computer Literacy


    FET (Grade 10 to grade 12)

English First Additional/Home Language

Xhosa (First/Home Language)/Afrikaans (FAL)/French (Second Additional)

Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy

Physical Science/Tourism


Life Science/Business Study

Additional Mathematics

Computer Applications Technology/History

Life Orientation

Work Experience and Additional Life Skills Courses

Entrepreneurship Education

Community Service

Learner's & Driver's License (Grade 12)

1st Aid Course (Grade 12)






Matric Exams 2016


Physical Science Practicals 






Congratulations to our Junior School netball team for their successful win at the tournament held against Gladys King and Transkei Primary Schools. In the finals Vela School won 11 - 4 against Gladys King, who came in second. Keep up the team spirit girls.



Our soccer boys played in a tournament against H2 School. These were the results:

Under 11: Vela School 3 - 0 H2 School

Under 12 Vela School 5 - 0 H2 School

Well done boys.